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We are a full service bathroom and kitchen remodeling company.

I am a  FULL service bathroom and kitchen remodeler. Licensed and bonded in both Oregon and Washington.  Washington Lic# JOHNSTL851LE  Oregon Lic # 209406. Every aspect of the job I do myself from start to finish. Ever thought about adding that extra needed bath onto your home? You would be amazed at what we can design for you and not break the bank.  I have over 33 years experience as a tilesetter/ remodeler who installs all mud set. That is a term which means placing tile in wet mortar that is over stucco mesh as opposed to simply using a glue or backer board. A "Mud Job", as it is more commonly called, has many advantages over the simple glue method because any flaws to the structure due to settlment or other reasons can be easily compensated for with the mortar. A mud set installation requires much more skill than the simple glue method or over backer board as well. When you see the results, you'll know why. I started in the trades back in 1983 and have designed and built many bathrooms over the years. I specialize in complete Bathroom and Kitchen remodeling. I also perform large commercial tile installations.










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